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Allow us to introduce 

It all started with "I like your dog." - The headline read: Boy meets girl on social media.  The End.  Not so fast! 

Jennifer Pajak  - Digital Design Creator & Website Development

No formalized training here folks.  Just your good ol' fashioned run of the mill creative ability for aesthetics and content for digital designing and more. Jenifer has a pure passion for helping small businesses and brands become successful.  An overachiever by nature, Jennifer goes above and beyond to make her clients visions come to fruition.  Jennifer is currently based out of Minnesota - but will be relocating in September 2024.

Scott Carter - Social Media Content Creator & Photographer

With a passion and eye for photography and social media trends, Scott is a visionary for design and content ideas that help propel his clients well past their expectations.  Super Dad by day, social media content creator by night and photographer on the weekends - Ladies and gentlemen, he has it all.  Scott works tirelessly to ensure every detail is taken care of.  He's a pretty cool dude. Scott is currently based out of Central Arkansas.

Yes, they really met on social media. 
Together they created 501Graphix Digital Media & Design to bring you the whole spectrum of digital design and media to your brand to 
accelerate and disrupt the industry!

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